Items Added

I just wanted to let you know that I have now added some items to the store. Please be patient as I add things over the next several days and even weeks. I’ll get as many added today as possible and will continue to work on adding full size kits and tagger size kits. Element and paper packs will be added last. Thanks for your patience.

Happy Shopping,

Coming Soon

I’ve decided to open my own store, of sorts. This is more like a blog store. I will be adding kits with “add to cart” buttons from PayPal. Right now, after you make a purchase, PayPal will let me know and I will send you links for download. Please allow up to 24 hours for me to get the links to you as I am not always online! If I find a better way to do this, I will make the necessary changes. But for now, that’s how things will work.

Here is the price breakdown for my items:

  • Full Size Kits — $1.50
  • Tagger Size Kits — $1.00
  • Element Packs — $1.00
  • Paper Packs — $1.00
  • QP’s — $.25 each sold in packs of 2 or more
At the writing of this post, there is nothing in the store, but I hope to be adding kits soon! You can get to the store by clicking on the store tab under my blog header.

Bookmark the store and stop by often to see what I have added. And who knows, maybe you’ll even get in on an unannounced sale!

Happy Shopping,

Sharing My Life, part 1

I thought that it was time to share some of the promised Christmas pics with you.  So, if you aren’t interested, just ignore; I won’t be offended.

The Christmas pics are just a wide variety of what went on during our day.  I’ll add captions where needed, but this first one is self explanatory.


Our Advent Wreath is not your typical kind with 5 candles.  We have 25 candles and start on December 1 by lighting one candle.  We add a candle each day until on Christmas day all 25 of them are lit.  Each night, the kids take turns blowing the candles out.  Even at the ages of 20 and 18, they still want to have the wreath.  This was something that my family did when I was growing up and my parents gave this wreath to us as a Christmas gift one year.  It’s a tradition that I hope to pass on for many generations to come!  BTW, these are my kids in their new Christmas pj’s (another tradition and the gift that is opened on Christmas Eve) — Edward and Johannah.

Stockings in our house are not the usual kind.  We basically give our children two gifts — one practical and one fun — so our stockings don’t contain the usual stocking stuffers.  We have “theme” stockings and each gift has to fit the theme.  After all the stocking gifts are opened, you must guess your theme.  My theme was “things to make me smile” and my favorite was 4 tickets to see Wicked on Broadway.  We go on Thursday of this week.  Hopefully I’ll have some pics for you!!

Some of our “loot”.  My husband’s new toy was a GPS.  We have had a blast using it.

And last but not least is our “favorite” holiday tradition (and I say that tongue in cheek) — our lovely fire in the fireplace!

Isn’t it just the best fire that you have ever seen?!?  LOL!!  Actually, since we don’t have a fireplace (they really aren’t allowed here in the city) we turn on the tv and the channel that has the yule log every year.  They play lovely Christmas music and it becomes the background of our morning.

That’s just a small glimpse into our Christmas.  I’d love to hear about your day!

I’ll be back later with pictures of our New Year’s Open House (well, at least the food) and my sister’s half century birthday party.  Stay tuned!