I think I’m suffering from writer’s block, although you don’t come here for my witty (or lack thereof) writing. But, nonetheless, I have writer’s block. Sometimes I just don’t know what to say in these posts. If you are like I often am, you don’t read the posts; you just snag the freebies. Whether or not I read each post really depends on how much time I have or don’t have. So maybe I should just not write anything and just post your freebies. But, alas, that I cannot will not do!

I’m also suffering from a lack of creativity. I feel as though my kits have gotten to be so hum drum and boring. I’m missing something and I just can’t figure out what it is. Maybe it’s all the stress in my life right now, but regardless, the creativity has taken a hike. So if you see it anywhere, please send it back. I’m in desperate need of it!!

Okay, on to today’s freebie. Part 2 of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” is comin’ your way today. I’d like to quickly remind you that if you download, I would love your feedback. Your comments really help. Maybe even suggest something that you would like to see in next month’s freebie kit — a valentine themed kit. Anyway, as usual, preview and download links for this freebie are below.


Links are disabled.
Check my store (sometime next month) to purchase this kit.

One more bit of stuff. All of my kits are for personal use only and are only to be shared via my blog! If you ever see my TOU (which are included in each kit) being disregarded, please, please, please let me know immediately. I really do spend a lot of time either creating the element myself or using CU actions and scripts. I’ve even taken to recording my own PSP scripts for things that I like to include in every kit — like ribbons and buttons! The reason that I bring this up now, is that I have seen what I think is one of my past freebies being sold in a store. Since I don’t have the proof that I need (I refuse to spend the $$ to purchase this item to compare it with mine), there’s not much that I can do at this point. (The item that I noticed was a Christmas alpha from 2008 — the font and design are exactly the same but the size was changed slightly!) I don’t want to start password protecting the zip files, too, but I will if this continues. Either that or there will be no freebies any more! I work too hard at this.

Thanks so much for your help in this matter. I appreciate all of you!


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It’s Here!!

I’m finally back with part one of this month’s freebie, But, before I give you that, I want to announce the winner of the contest that I ran for the last day or so. Drum roll, please . . . And the winner is . . . . Sandy! She correctly guessed “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”. Sandy, head on over to the Digi Cyber Scraps Store and choose your free kit. Then email me with your choice and I’ll get the links sent out to you. Congratulations!!

Now what you’ve all been waiting for (at least I hope so!!). I’ve decided to break this kit up into 6 parts. You’ll be receiving the first part today and additional parts every even numbered day until the end of the month! Remember, though, that each part will only be available for 1 week. On the 8th day, the links will be de-activated. That means this part will be available until Tuesday of next week and links will be de-activated on Wednesday morning.

Here’s the preview and download links for part 1 of this month’s freebie.

Links no longer active



CraftCrave Paper, Hybrid, Digital Scrapbooking and Craft Freebies, Tutorials and Challenges


We have a winner in my kit name guessing contest. But that will have to wait until Wednesday when I post part one of my new kit.

Good night!! Sleep tight and I’ll see you back here tomorrow!!