Frosty Days, Part 3

I thought that today would be a great day for giving you the last part of Frosty Days since I have another kit coming out quite soon — hopefully part of it will be available on Friday, but I won’t promise anything.  That’s my goal, however,  It just seems that life gets so busy these days

So, here is part 3 of Frosty Days.  I love the fact that you all are enjoying these freebies.  I would also like love to see what you are doing with my kits.  Please, please share your layouts with me.  At least send me a link to the gallery where you post your layouts.  And be sure to leave your comments on this post since MediaFire doesn’t allow comments.  I absolutely adore reading your comments!

Preview is the same as before but download links for this freebie are for part 3!


Tomorrow is our trip into Manhattan to see Wicked.  I’m planning on getting pics posted on Friday and will give you my unsolicited review of the show!  See you then!


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P.S.  Thanks to all of you that have stopped by my new store.  Special thanks to those that have made a purchase!


  1. makeyesup

    Thanks for all three parts of the kit, this train is awesome. You will enjoy wicked and won't want to miss any of it. When I went, there were people there that had seen it 5 times and kept coming back.

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