Lots of Stuff

The title says it all. This post will be filled with lots of stuff but unfortunately not the freebie as I was hoping. I was working on your second QP from Coffee, Anyone? when I ran into a major computer glitch and had to shut everything down. I’m not even real interested in working on it right now because I don’t want that to happen again. Maybe I’ll give it a try later this evening — we’ll see.  I’ve decided it’s just not worth it to try and work with this computer, so I’ve sort of given up until I can get another one.

I talked with the computer geek guy last night that we call whenever a computer is in trouble.  No, we didn’t call for my computer but we called for my husband’s computer.  His computer is DOA since the mother board is fried.  So he gets another one.  Maybe I need to fry the mother board on mine so I can get another too!  🙂  Anyway, while Mark, the computer geek, was here I asked him some questions.  The first one was: When is a computer too old to not be worth updating?  His answer 5-6 yrs. (mine is 7).  I then told him about my computer and he said that I needed to update the RAM and I would be fine.  However, as I explained to him, I can’t.  It’s at maximum capacity at 1 GB.  He said that it’s time for a new one and of course I agreed.  I was glad that my dh heard his answer even though it won’t change anything.

So, all of that to explain the following:


The entire Digi Cyber Scraps store


is on sale.


Everything is 25% off


until December 31, 2011!!


There is some other stuff that I have wanted to share with you but in the recent hard drive reformat, I lost all of that information.  I’ve emailed the people involved and am waiting to hear back.  It involves some more freebies!!  I know that we all love freebies.

Well, I guess that’s it for now.  If I can get the QP made for you, I’ll be back.  When I hear back about the other freebies, I’ll be back.  In the meantime, scrap, scrap, scrap and be sure to share your layouts with me!

Be blessed,