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If you visited my site at all during the updates, you may have noticed that I now have a gallery and forum available. I’m still in the process of adding layouts to the gallery. If you have layouts that you would like to have added, please send them to me as an attachment. Due to my site hosting, I’m not able to let others upload layouts. In the email, you can add any information that you would like to have added to the layout — kit used, credits for template, etc. Please only send layouts that use my kits. After all, this is a site for my products. I hope you understand. In the subject of the email, please put “layout for gallery” so that I know your intention. Click here to send me an email.

On a totally different note, I want to thank all of those who have sacrificed for the freedoms that we have in our country. Your sacrifice means so much!!

Happy Memorial Day!

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Explanation of My Absence

Has it really been 1.5 months since I posted?  Where does time go?  Actually, I’ve had a lot of time but “Old Man Winter” has not allowed me to spend much of it here in the dungeon.  It has been soooooo cold in NYC this winter.  Brrrrrrr!  I can’t remember a winter that has been this cold since we moved here 22.5 years ago.

If you have been a blog follower for a while, you know that my computer is in our basement, which I affectionately refer to as “the dungeon” because it’s dark and cold.  We have a portable electric heater that I could use, but because the electric service is so old in our house, I’m afraid to use it.  Most times I just stay upstairs where it is at least a bit warmer — although, I think that we have swiss cheese windows because it’s cold up there too!

You may remember that I took the summer off.  Well, it ended up being more than the summer.  This fall was rough.  We’ve been dealing with some issues at the house (it had gotten so bad we had to call Terminix), we had a car accident at the end of our week long celebration of our 25th wedding anniversary and ended up getting a new to us car (with only 1 week to do it), we took a trip to Virginia to get said car and that was all in October.  I won’t bore you with the rest of the fall and beginning of winter.  Suffice it to say, I was burnt out.

But I’m back with new kit ideas.  In fact, my newest kit, “Be Still My Heart” is now in the MyMemories store and will be added to my personal store very shortly.  Here is the preview.

DCS Kit Web Thumb

In addition to the main kit, there are two additional packs of backgrounds.  The first is a set of 10 polka dot backgrounds.

DCS Polka Dot Thumb

The next is a set of 20 plaids.

DCS Plaids01 Thumb

DCS Plaids02 Thumb

My wonderful CT has stuck with me all this time.  A few of them are currently working with this kit and I can’t wait to see what they come up with.  I’ll be sure to post the layouts when they do.

I hope that you have stuck with me too!  I hope to be posting more regularly and also hoping to offer some freebies for your patience with me.

As always, please share your layouts with me if you use any of my kits.  I really do want to see what you do!!

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Saturday was graduation day for my daughter.  The day has come and gone but it was glorious, even though it was pouring when we tried to exit the Westchester County Center.  We weren’t able to get any family pics of her in her cap and gown, but I was able to get some during the ceremony.  They aren’t the best but they will have to do.  Here are some of my favorites:

DSCF3619Johannah and one of the English professors, Dr. Lux

DSCF3621Johannah and Miriam Velez.  This lovely lady was the first person we met when we visited Nyack College and we all just love her to pieces!

Both of the above pictures were taken at the Baccalaureate dinner on Wednesday evening, May 8.  They dinner was held at a lovely Italian ristorante in downtown Manhattan.  It was at this dinner that Johannah had to give her valedictory speech.  She did a great job!  Because of her accomplishments, we were seated at the president’s table for dinner.  I felt quite honored to be there!

On Saturday morning, May 11, Johannah was to give another speech at the President’s brunch.  We were not originally going to attend since she was told that she could only invite 2 people.  But on Wednesday night at the dinner, we were invited to attend this event.  What a lovely brunch and another great speech.  Even President Scales had a tear in his eye when she finished (this according to his wife!).

DSCF3624Johannah and Dr. White, the head of the Education Dept. of the NYC campus.  She is another of Johannah’s favorites.
This picture was taken before the start of the brunch on Saturday morning.

DSCF3627Johannah and her boyfriend, Eric, at the brunch.

Vicky and JohannahJohannah and her best friend from college, Vicky.
I love the huge smiles on their faces!!

The 2013 graduating class was huge with over 700 graduate and undergraduate students!  This was the largest class ever to graduate from Nyack College.  I think that was one of the reasons that Johannah did not have to give her valedictory address on this occasion.  The name of each graduate that attended the ceremony had their name read out loud.  However, when they got to Johannah they said, “Mr. President, our valedictorian, Carol Johannah Ziegler-Ritter.”  That was one proud momma moment for me!  I was able to get a picture of her shaking the President’s hand.  I’m disappointed that it’s so blurry, but it’s the best I could do with my camera and how far we were sitting from the stage.

DSCF3730Our 4.0 valedictorian!!

God has certainly blessed us with two children that have reached the highest academic position as an undergraduate — valedictorian of their classes!  Edward started it all 2 years and ago and Johannah followed in his footsteps.  We are proud parents but are most thankful to God for allowing us to be their parents.  We give Him all the glory — it’s not anything that we did, it’s all Him!  We followed Him and listened to what we felt He was telling us to do and how to raise our children.  I believe that it’s because of our obedience as parents, that we have thus been blessed!

Thanks for allowing me to brag on my kids and share our day with you!

Keep scrappin’,