Have you been wondering . . .

. . . . where I have been?  I know that I have.  Actually, last week is pretty much a week that I would like to forget.  I spent most of my free time in the hospital.  No, I wasn’t the patient but my husband was.  On Saturday, July 28 I took him to the ER with severe pain in his back.  After spending 7 hours there, I finally arrived home at 4:30 Sunday morning after leaving him in the ER as he was heading up for some tests.  We got through church without him.  Our son was already scheduled to preach so that wasn’t a problem.  I finally broke free of the guests that were at our house for dinner and headed back to the hospital.  I was expecting to hear that his diagnosis was pneumonia and I was partially correct.  The bigger problem was the blood clot in his right lung, although he did have pneumonia in his left lung.  The pneumonia was not surprising once I heard the other part of the diagnosis.  You just don’t get good oxygen exchange when you can’t breathe without pain and fluid builds up in your lungs.

I was finally able to bring him home just this past Friday.  He’s on quite a bit of meds (twice daily injections of a blood thinner which I get to give him for 7 days, daily doses of Coumadin for the next 3-6 months, and a few days of antibiotics along with his regular meds).  The Coumadin is necessary to prevent other clots from forming and to help the current ones to dissolve.  Yes, I said ones, plural.  The one that ended up in his lung had broken off from one in his leg which we did not know was even there.  Hopefully these next few months of Coumadin will solve the problem and no other medical intervention will be necessary.  However, we have been told that if he ever gets another clot anywhere in his body, it will be a lifetime regime of Coumadin.  We are very thankful that the clot did not get to his heart or brain.  God is good!!

So, that’s my excuse for being MIA once again.  I’ve been playing catch up ever since I brought him home.  I just couldn’t keep up with things here at home.  I’m so behind!  Playing catch up is not my friend, but I will make it through.

On a brighter note, I’m almost ready to upload the first ever collab kit from Apple Blossom Creations.  It’s a fall kit and is so huge it’s actually going to be divided into four (4) different kits.  Each kit can be used as a stand alone kit.  The biggest difference are the color palettes we used.  I originally started out this kit with 16 colors and it was just too much to work with.  So each one has 4 of the original 16 colors.  Stay tuned for more info on that!!

That’s about it for now.  I hope you are still with me and can hang in there a bit longer.  I promise to be back soon with some goodies.  In fact, the next blog train in which I participated leaves on August 15.  Be sure to come back then if not before!

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Long Ago . . .

You know that old Karen Carpenter song that begins “Long ago and oh so far away . . .”  That’s how I feel about my last blog post.  It’s been ages or so it seems.  A lot has happened since I last wrote.  I’ll give you a brief update on what has been keeping me from posting.

My dd and I were supposed to take a short trip to Gettysburg, PA to visit my parents and my sister and her family.  We were going to leave on May 22 and return on the 26.  Well, plans certainly changed.  Johannah, my dd, ended up with jury duty that lasted a total of 12 days and of course it was during the time that we were supposed to make our trip.  She thought that she might finish on the 25th and my dh said that we could leave that day after she was done.  That is exactly what happened!  We left after she got home and packed and returned last evening around 7:00 pm.  One of the reasons that we went to Gettysburg, besides the visit with family, has made me sad.  Our dog, Oliver, has been sick and showing signs of old age.  He would often lie on the couch and yelp as though he were being hurt.  We knew that he was in pain.  So we made the decision to have him put down.  He’s been part of the family for 10.5 years and even though I knew it was the right thing to do, it was hard.  We also knew that we couldn’t afford the vet fees for this (we would also have to pay to have him cremated) so we took him to PA where we could have it done for free and have him buried.

Even though I knew it was time and it was my suggestion to do this, it’s been more emotionally draining than I thought it would be.  But I have good memories of him and that’s how I want to remember him.  Here’s a picture of him during his good times.

That is how I will remember him, in all his cuteness!!!

I was going to post some layouts for you, but I’m having problems uploading them.  I’m not sure what is going on.  In the meantime, Dawne has a freebie QP for you.  She did a layout using Aromas of Summer and turned it into a QP.  Since I can’t upload the preview, you’ll have to head on over to her blog to see it and of course snag it!  Be sure to leave her some love.  While you are there, she is offering a freebie kit (using the installment plan), called A Mother’s Love.  Be sure to get that, too!  So far she has two installments uploaded.  Installment one can be found here and installment two here.

Thanks for stopping by!  Don’t forget, I want to see your layouts, so be sure to send them to me or post a link where I can find them.  I might even feature you here on my blog!

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I’m Shocked

Needless to say I’m very surprised!!  Not one person commented or tweeted on my software giveaway.  That means that there is no winner!!  How sad that you all missed out on the opportunity to win a wonderful software program for digital scrapping.  I’m shocked and saddened!!  🙁

Oh well, maybe another time (or not – I’m not sure I want to try again!).  If you would like me to try again, please let me know!

Keep scrappin’,