Unfortunately my current freebie has been pirated and is available elsewhere for download.  I have done two things to help prevent this.  First of all, you will notice that all of my previews will now have a watermark on them.  You’ll still be able to see the preview, but it will be there.  Secondly, I have disabled right clicking on anything on my blog.  I’m sorry it had to come to this, but I don’t know what else to do at this point.

This is what the current preview looks like with the watermark on it.

DCS_Vintage Christmas

As you can see, it’s very light, but it is there.  This watermark will be on all previews in the future even the ones that are included in my Terms of Use folder.  I have even gone as far as updatinging the download.  It’s sad that people have to do this.  After all, this is a freebie!

Thank you for understanding!

Keep scrappin’,

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Hurricane Sandy

You may remember that I live in New York City.  You may also know, if you have listened to the news, that we were hit but hurricane Sandy.  We have survived without any trauma, at least not much, to us and our house.  We never lost power, although the lights flickered quite a bit on Monday evening and not a drop of water was found in our basement even though the ocean, which is about 3-4 blocks from our house, found it’s way to our street only 1/2 block away from our house.  That happened at high tide last evening.  The storm surge was amazing!  Our neighborhood grocery store was under 5 feet of ocean water!

We live in zone B which was not under a mandatory evacuation.  Had we decided to evacuate, it would have been last minute and then it would not have been possible.  For those that don’t know the geography of NYC, Brooklyn is on the very western end of Long Island and we can only get to our home by going over bridges or through tunnels.  Yesterday we were stranded here as all the bridges were closed due to high wind and the tunnels were actually flooded.  Fortunately, we had no need to leave and were just as happy to stay in our home!

Our public transportation was shut down on Sunday evening which meant that my son could not get to work nor could my daughter get to school for her student teaching.  But for her it wasn’t a problem since the schools were closed yesterday, today and will be closed tomorrow.  For my son the only problem is the loss of pay, but nobody was able to make it in to the office.  It’s been nice having them home!

Yesterday we were glued to the news even though we were living it.  We wanted to know how others around us were faring.   It seems they didn’t do as well.  We have been so blessed through this whole event.  God has watched over us and taken care of us and for that we are forever grateful!

I wanted to share a few pictures of the area in case you haven’t seen any.

Flooding in lower Manhattan

Flooding on Path Train platform

Facade on building collapses exposing apartments

Fire in Breezy Point, Brooklyn, a result of the storm

168-ft. tanker pushed onto Front Street, Staten Island by the storm surge — it weighs 400 tons! Hear more of the story here.

If you want to see/hear more, just google and you will find lots of pictures — that’s how I found these!  As you can see from the devastation in these pictures, we have fared well.  The winds was scary yesterday, but we survived with only a few missing shingles.  Now I can get back to focusing on designing!  🙂

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Update on Download Issues for Mac Users

Hi everyone,

I’m frustrated that some Mac users have not been able to download my contribution to the latest blog train.  I had one of you test it for me and there were still issues yesterday (thanks Janet!).  She suggested that I have someone else on the train try downloading my portion from the link on the blog.  That was a great suggestion.  So, I sent out an email this morning and got an almost immediate response from on of the other contributors.

She was able to download the file and unzip it with no problems.  So, now I’m even more confused than ever.  My only suggestion is that my server does not want Mac users to have this file.  🙁   So, I’ve decided to upload it to MediaFire.  Be warned though, that there will be ads and such.  I won’t pay for MediaFire since I pay for my server and direct downloads.  I’ll update the blog post with the link as soon as it’s available so please check it out here.

Thanks for your patience!

Keep scrappin’,