Picnic in the Park Revisted, Sort Of

I’ve heard from several of you that you have had problems with the Picnic in the Park download. I’m not sure what to tell you. It has worked fine for me every time that I try to download it and according to the stats at MediaFire, the file has been downloaded 557 times. The only thing that I can suggest is that there were a number of folks trying to download at the same time, so try coming back later this evening and see if that helps. If you continue to have problems, please let me know and I’ll upload the file to 4shared or some other file sharing site.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but this one is out of my control.

I Have Returned!

I’ll bet you thought that I was never going to get back from Michigan. I actually returned on Friday but had to catch up on life. It’s funny how life keeps going when you are away. Somehow it’s just not fair! I think that I’m finally caught up and almost ready to get back to work.

My sil is doing marvelously after her knee replacement. That wasn’t the case when I first arrived. She was in quite a deal of pain, but not from the knee as much as her shin. She fell while in the hospital and we think that she badly bruised her shin. But, by the time that I left, she was getting around on one crutch and sometimes not any! She had one PT visit while I was there and her therapist told her that if she felt up to it, she could walk without the help of crutches. I’m quite impressed with her recovery! The hardest part is ahead, though. PT could be kind of hard, but it is necessary! I’ll have some pics to post of my July 4 celebration as soon as I get them off the camera.

Now some business. I’m thinking of including a contact sheet in all my kits. If you are unaware of what a contact sheet is, see the example below for the Picnic in the Park blog train.


You can use this in a variety of ways.  If I decide to include this, I’ll explain then how you can use this type of file.  Now I just have to decide how small to make the pictures.  I need  your input here.  Basically I can set this up to have as many pics on the page as I would like.  What I need to know is this:  what is YOUR preference?  Below are 2 examples of the same elements set up so that there are 25 and 30 pics (the one above was set up to have only 20 pics).









I don’t want to get too much smaller since you won’t be able to read the file name if I do.  Please give me some feedback by leaving a comment below or in the chat box.  You can also drop me an email and let me know your thoughts.

  1. Is this something that you would like included in the zip file of each kit?
  2. If I decide to include them, how many pics (20, 25, 30) would you like to see on each sheet?

Thanks for your input.  I really appreciate you, my loyal followers!


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I just wanted to quickly let you know that I won’t be around much tomorrow. My daughter’s best friend is getting married in 3 weeks and tomorrow we are hosting a personal bridal shower for her. That will take up a good part of the day and by the time I get home I’ll have to make dinner and prepare for Sunday.

I’m working on getting the previews done for my newest kit and hope to have the previews posted on Sunday or Monday. This is not a freebie kit, but I may put some of the pieces into a mini. You will definitely get some QP’s from it, though.

Have a blessed weekend and if you don’t hear from me until Monday, don’t be surprised!