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I need to take care of some business before I give you the links for today’s freebie. I have been asked several times recently about reposting links that have been de-activated. Here’s the deal: this is not something that I will be doing after today. (If you have already sent your request to me, be sure and email me so that I can discuss this with you.) You see, I check all of my links to make sure that they work and if they don’t, I work on getting them fixed until they do (If you are having problems downloading, make sure that you check things on your end.). The other reason I won’t repost them is because my kits will eventually go into my store for only $1.50. I think that’s a steal!

So if you miss part of a kit, you can purchase the entire kit for such a small amount. Believe me, I know that this economy is tough right now. We, too, are struggling and that’s why I can’t just keep the links up and active forever. This is my “job” for the moment and I can’t give them away for free indefinitely. I know this sounds harsh, and I’m truly sorry about that. But I have to do something to help support my family.

For those of you that don’t know me, my husband is a pastor of a very small church in Brooklyn, NY. We are living by faith right now! What does that mean? That means we are not guaranteed a monthly salary of XX dollars. We are living on donations that come in for us and the small amount that the church can pay him and trusting the Lord to provide for us. And with 2 kids in college, it’s tough! So, you see why I can’t keep offering these kits for free.

That’s the end of the business part of this email. Now for your freebie of the day. This is actually the last part of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” except for the alpha. Without further ado, here is today’s freebie.


Links have been disabled

Once again, I’m asking for you to share your layouts with me. If you are a tagger, I’d love to see your G-rated tags. If you share them with me, I will post them on my blog with a link to your blog. If you write a tutorial using one of my kits, let me know so that I can’ post that link here, too. I really do want to see your work, so please share it with me!

I’ll be back tomorrow with the alpha for this kit and then on Monday I’ll be sharing some QP’s that I’ve made using my Frosty Days kit.


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Idea — Talk to Me

I was talking to my daughter this morning while she was down in the dungeon cleaning the part that is not my office (that comes later). Anyway, I was saying how I wanted to make some papers and elements to scrap my pics of "Wicked" and that I was going to use one of the pics to get the color palette. She suggested that I make an entire kit!

So, what do you all think? Have any of you seen "Wicked" and could use a kit around that theme? I’m not too sure how good I would be at it, but I’m willing to give it a go. If you are interested in such a kit, leave your comments here.

If enough of you are interested, I’ll make an entire kit. Otherwise, I’ll just make what I need for our pics.

Let me hear from you!!


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Two Great Products

My goal on this blog is not to advertise lots of other people’s items — it’s to share my creations with you.  However, there are a few things that I will promote on my blog.

First one is Scrapbook Max!  I think that this program is about the best out there for digital scrapbookers, whether you are a beginner or an experienced scrapper.  Yes, there are other programs like Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop, but these programs are quite pricey and have a much higher learning curve than Scrapbook Max!   And one of the best things about Scrapbook Max! is that you can download and use it FREE for 30 days!  Tell me, who doesn’t like free.  With the new features in version 2, there is so much that you can do.  Why not click the banner above for your 30 day FREE trial.  When you are absolutely positive that you can’t live without it, be sure to come back, click through the banner again to make your purchase.  That way you help me continue to provide quality freebies for you!  Not only are you helping me, but you will alsobbe saving 20% and you get a free bonus!  The only thing better than a sale is FREE and you get the best of both worlds here!!

Secondly, I’ve become quite fond of using clipart!  If you  have been enjoying the freebie this month, you may have noticed that I have used some clipart in my designs.  Digi Scrap Kits has some of the best clipart out there and their TOU are wonderful!!  Again, click on the banner above (Country Graphics by Trina Clark & Friends) to be taken directly to their site.  If you make a purchase from them, you will once again be helping me out!  At the moment, they are running a sale (several designers have their clipart on sale for $1.00) and if you spend $10 or more, you can use the coupon code HEARTS for an additional 25% off.  But this sale is only good until January 29.  Don’t miss out on this great deal!  At least go and see what they have to offer.  I will continue to create my kits using clipart from this great site.  Not every kit will use clipart, though.  But be on the lookout for the ones that are.  You won’t want to miss them.

Thanks for indulging me in this little advertisement.  I’ve joined the affiliate programs for both of these companies because I believe in their product.  But I also joined so that I could earn a little extra $$ to help me with the costs involved in providing quality freebies for you.  Believe it or not, it does cost $$ (scripts, actions, etc. cost me $$) and right now, these affiliate programs and my Digi Cyber Scraps Store are my source of income so that I don’t use household $$.

If you read this far, you are a true fan!  Thank you.  I’ll be back tomorrow with the next installment of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”.  Be sure to come back.


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