No More Bad News

How’s that for a subject line? I’m back up and running with my computer. My son figured out the problem, fixed it and then found the second problem and fixed that. And according to my dd the computer came on just fine this morning. So when I get home, I’ll be up and running and back to designing. However, I’m behind in what I have planned, so you’ll just have to bear with me. But I’m happy to have the computer working again. Now, I just have to back up all the important stuff when I get home and it won’t be such a panic!

I’m having a great week away, though, and am being blessed by the Word!


No Good News

I was hopeful that I could come on this morning with some good news about the computer after my son worked on it for a bit last evening. We actually were able to get it running last night — he took a look at it and said that some of my RAM had gone bad. Okay, he found out which of the 2 chips was bad, took it out and it worked. I then shut the computer down since it was late and I wasn’t planning on working any more.

So, this morning I went down to the dungeon with such high hopes (do you hear me singing that song right now?) But, now it’s not even recognizing my hard drive. I don’t even get the dreaded blue screen — I get nothing! My biggest frustration is that I haven’t backed up the “My Documents” file in some time and that’s where I store all my scripts, actions, etc. for Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop. And a lot of these I have purchased! Can you say ouch?

I’ve asked him to see if he can get the files off my hard drive — he thinks that he can. He was able to do that on his own computer when he was having problems just recently. Hopefully he can do the same for mine!

So, that’s my update for Monday. I’ll be leaving early this afternoon and will be back either late Wednesday evening or late Thursday morning. I will have the laptop with me and will be able to check my email.


Sad News

I have Frosty Days QP’s to post for you, but my computer is on the fritz. I keep gettin what I affectionately call the “blue screen of death”. You know, that blue screen that pops up when you are having problems with your computer. The interesting this is, when I shut the computer down last night before going to bed, everything was working fine. When I turned the computer on this morning, I get that blue screen for the first time. I’ve gotten it several other times today. The last time I was in the middle of something, the computer froze up (I couldn’t do anything!) so I turned it off. When I turned it back on, I got that dreaded blue screen again. I tried twice more and got the same thing. I’m not sure what to do and since I’m going away tomorrow, Monday, it will have to wait until I get home on Thursday.

So, all of that to say, I don’t know when I’ll get the QP’s posted or when I’ll be able to work on any other kits. I’m just hoping that I haven’t lost all my stuff on the hard drive. We’ll see.


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