Well . . . . duh!

It dawned on me last night after writing my post that I could actually give you the next download links since the files had already been uploaded to Mediafire. Can you say duh? That’s about how stupid I fell this morning. 🙂 I don’t have the preview, but you can view it here. I didn’t do preivews for the 3 different parts so it would have been this one anyway. The links are below!! Enjoy!

Download Full Size

Download Tagger Size

Download Scrapbook Max! booster pack


My Apologies

I’m visiting my parents for a few days. We arrived yesterday to help celebrate my sister’s 50th birthday tomorrow! I was hoping to get the next part of “Frosty Days” posted before I left, but I never even got the computer turned on. Oh the busy life I lead. I am very sorry that I didn’t get it posted. I’ll do my best to remedy the situation as soon as I get home. I hope that you all come back to snag it on Saturday (late)!!